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Dusseldorf is the capital of North-Rhein Westphalia, Japantown and international exhibition city.
Full of bars, pubs and cafés – and of all the companies listed on the German stock exchange.
Dusseldorf is the most profitable German location: for advertising and fashion, consultancy and law.
Dusseldorf is glamour, beauty, lifestyle and, according to Mercer, the sixth-best city in the world on the quality-of-life list.


Birgit Bischoff
Benrather Strasse 10
40213 Dusseldorf
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Telephone: +49 211 310 70 09
Telefax: +49 211 310 70 66

Birgit Bischoff
Management/Owner in charge of Recruitment Consulting, Customer Care, New Business

At one time it was the old milk shop in Dusseldorf's Kronprinzenstrasse, where not milk but specialities of a different nature passed over the counter. Since February 2007 nothing much has changed, except that the little milk shop has moved to Benrather Strasse 10. Here it's a little bigger, a lot brighter and very important nice and warm. The simple recipe of the milk shop remains of course the same: only the best make it into Lars and Birgit Bischoff's file. Both bring to the job the kinds of qualifications that separate the chaff from the wheat. From the renowned Pieke on up, Birgit has learned everything there is to know as an experienced designer. After making her start at DDB Needham, she moved on to Art Director at Grey. But then, heeding the call of the blue and white Bavarian metropolis, she and her husband packed up and moved to Munich. There she earned her daily bread as Group Head in the ad agency Stawicki - but only until Eiler & Riemel heard about this and snatched her away. At some point Birgit realized, however, that one steady relationship in life is enough and promptly joined the ranks of the freelancers. It turned out to be a brief liaison. Since May 2002 Birgit and Lars have not only been back in Dusseldorf, but solidly tied to their Designerdock. Of course this leaves Birgit with absolutely no free time on her hands, and in the near future this is not likely to change. But should it ever, then she will have to seriously consider a hobby. She can't even go back to the stove, since this is already husband Lars's revier. In order to be 1000% present on the market in North-Rhein Westfalia, Birgit needs an equal partner ...

Lars Bischoff
Management and Recruitment Consultant for Copywriting, PR, Conceptual Design and Account Manager

... and to provide this support Birgit Bischoff looked to none other than her own husband. But those who might be thinking nepotism á la Cologne Kölsch clique have got it wrong. Lars Bischoff possesses the same advertising expertise as his wife. He is not only an experienced copywriter who learned the ropes first as a trainee at Grey in Dusseldorf, switched to Ogilvy & Mather and then wrote copy for Sixpack before moving with Birgit to Munich, where he landed at Eiler & Riemel. At DESIGNERDOCK he's on the lookout for the best and most talented copywriters, conceptual designers, customer consultants and strategists for advertising, PR and design in and around Dusseldorf. And of course the Cologne clan down the road are allowed to come knocking in Benrather Strasse too. Lars decided long ago that he's the better cook. It would be interesting to hear how Birgit's taste buds react to that. They both agree on one point, though: pasta is the recipe for happiness!

Celia Strauss-Rex
Recruitment Consultant

Celia is the "turnkey solution". She used to be an Art Director/Illustrator at RitterSlagman, Saatchi/P-MOD, Zun Goldenen Hirschen. She worked inside and outside of the country. Now she's with us at DESIGNERDOCK Düsseldorf, and effortlessly covers the needs of clients and candidates alike.

Konstantina Blatsiou
Recruitment Consultant

As a Dusseldorf native with Greek roots, Dina worked her way up through the advertising industry as a consultant working in advertising, media and employer-branding as well as in digital agencies, until she landed in 2016 at DESIGNERDOCK. She likes to cook (but not to bake), does yoga (but avoids jogging), feels wanderlust instead of homesickness and is happy about good hair days.