Frequently asked questions

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    Can anyone become a designerdocker?
    Anyone can apply. But we only take candidates on board whom we think we can help find a job or freelance work.

    Do I have to have agency experience to get a job through DESIGNERDOCK?
    No, but you have to have at least some industry experience, even if only as an intern. Client-side or agency-side experience are both acceptable. Don't forget: we only work in the creative & communications industries, so in the areas of marketing, mobile, design, web, advertising, PR etc.

    Do you place coders too?
    Yes! We currently have dozens of great jobs for mobile and web developers from front-end to back, junior to senior. 

    Do I have to speak German to get a job through DESIGNERDOCK? 
    Not always. Some of our clients use English as their business language. Many of our jobs do require at least some German. Just apply and we'll let you know how it looks in your particular area of expertise.

    Can I just come by and show you my stuff?
    Our daily schedule is full of interviews with people who have applied online in advance, so we can't offer spontaneous appointments. Just apply using our application form. It's free, fast and easy and we'll get back to you within a few days.

    How does DESIGNERDOCK make money if the candidates don't have to pay anything?
    In the case of a permanent/contract job, we are remunerated by your new employer, so the applicant pays nothing. If we get you freelance jobs, then you pay us a 10 per cent commission on whatever you charge our client. These costs should be part of your initial hourly, daily or project rate. Read more about that here.

    What qualifications do your personnel managers have?
    All DESIGNERDOCK personnel managers have worked in the industry – either on agency or client side, or both. That is one of our strengths. They know the how our clients and candidates tick and what sort of tasks and deadlines they face.

    Do the eight DESIGNERDOCK offices work together?
    Of course! Candidates who are interviewed at one office are automatically visible to other offices, if you are open to working in those cities as well. Our clients receive candidate suggestions from us from all over the DESIGNERDOCK network. 

    Do I have to take all the jobs DESIGNERDOCK offers me? 
    No, not at all. When we have a job which might suit you, we call you first and ask if you're interested. You decide!


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